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NHC Hair Fibres (KERATINBooster) Pack

For men and women with thinning hair

KERATINBooster Micro-Fibres instantly adds extreme thickness to thinning and fine hair

  • Adds extreme thickness in a matter of seconds

  • Made of pure organic keratin micro-fibres

  • Naturally binds to your own hair

  • Stays in all day and night, even through wind, rain and perspiration

  • Amazing natural look which is undetectable

  • Works first time every time

This pack contains:

KERATINBooster is a cosmetic breakthrough which immediately gives men and women thicker hair, transforming your appearance in seconds. Made of pure organic keratin protein, KERATINBooster is completely undetectable and instantly gives you a thicker and fuller head of hair, working first time and every time

KERATINBooster is completely undetectable and despite being resistant against wind, rain and perspiration it washes out easily with shampoo

Simply match the KERATINBooster colour from the NHC colour chart below to your own hair colour. For best results, match the colour closest to your root/main base colour of your hair - your own natural colour or colour treated highlights will shine through

Fibres are 100% colourfast and cannot possibly run or stain

How to use KERATINBooster

Recommended by Hair Health Australia

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NHC Hair Fibres (KERATINBooster) Pack


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Product Description

KERATINBooster Micro-Fibres (28g)
KERATINBooster Micro-Fibres are made of pure organic keratin protein, the same protein which your own hair is made of.

KERATINBooster is completely undetectable, attaching thousands of microscopic fibres securely to your thinning or fine hair. These microfibres are charged with static electricity so they interwine and bind with your own hair electrostatically, creating an amazing undetectable natural look. The fibres even follow your own natural flow of hair, moving with your hair even in wind, rain and perspiration.

Because KERATINBooster is a natural fibre it will absorb excessive oils in your hair, therefore if you are in between washes or you hair is oily, you can simply apply KERATINBooster and brush through to not only add amazing thickness, but also absorb excessive oils to leave your hair with a fresh, full blow dried look.

KERATINBooster can be used safely and effectively with any other NHC treatment product or any other styling product which you currently use.

No other product can achieve these instant results, so throw away all of those useless volumisers for instant thicker hair with KERATINBooster which works first time and every time.

Fibre Locking Spray
The Fibre Locking Spray dramatically increases the bond between KERATINBooster Micro-Fibres and your own thinning hair to achieve secure optimum results against wind, rain and perspiration

The Fibre Locking Spray is a fine mist specifically formulated to increase the bond and lock in the KERATINBooster Micro-Fibres. Naturally derived ingredients soften and condition both your hair and fibres for a completely natural appearance

Recommended by Hair Health Australia


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KERATINBooster is easy to apply.

Simply shake KERATINBooster over thinning area's releasing the microscopic fibres. Gently pat your hair to disperse the fibres evenly and apply the Fibre Locking Spray to further secure the fibres. After the Fibre Locking Spray has dried, it is possible to brush your hair for a softer style whilst maintaining ample fibre locking power. The fine mist of the Fibre Locking Spray will dry quickly and leaves you hair soft and manageable for an unbelievable natural look.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Measurement KERATINBooster Micro-Fibres = 28g, Fibre Locking Spray = 120ml
Supply Large 28g bottle
Usage As needed