New Hair Loss Treatment


Hair Loss Treatment for men and women

Quickly take control of hair loss and start regrowing thicker and healthier hair safely.

  • Fast acting
  • Maximises New Hair Regrowth
  • 100% pure and natural; free from dangerous chemicals
  • Achieve faster longer growth much quicker
  • Clinically proven to naturally treat hair loss / thinning / stunted growth and achieve new hair regrowth

Scientifically formulated to:

Quickly stop excessive hair loss, maximise new and natural hair growth, restore and reactivate damaged hair follicles to achieve permanent results.

Each box contains 3 months supply – 3 x 60ml

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NHC Natural Hair Loss Solution for men and women has been scientifically formulated using the latest in biotechnology to develop an effective, fast acting, safe hair loss treatment which stops excessive hair loss and maximises natural hair regrowth. It is suitable for both men and women suffering from any type of hair loss condition, thinning hair, premature greying, receding hair line, hair loss across the top and crown of the head and stunted hair growth

NHC has been successful in sourcing the active ingredients of this solution from the richest natural resources available to ensure they are pure and active. These ingredients stem from traditional Chinese medicine and are extracted using the latest macromolecular processes. Here our researchers have pin-pointed the most effective natural extracts for hair rejuvenation, and they have been able to bring them successfully together in a high potency formula using biotechnology.

How does NHC Natural Hair Loss Solution work?
The pure active natural extracts are absorbed safely by the scalp as the hair root acts as a natural delivery system. Once absorbed by the hair root, the solution reinforces the hair root structure, stimulates the blood flow to the scalp and enriches the nutrients supply. In turn this increases the activity of the hair cells which stimulates cell renewal quickly, stabilising excess hair loss and effectively achieving new hair growth.

How do I use NHC Natural Hair Loss Solution?
The solution comes in a very ease to use spray and will not cause any interference in your daily life. Simply spray the solution onto the scalp in the morning and evening as per the instructions. The solution will quickly absorb, allowing you to proceed with your normal styling routine.

When will I see results?
The majority of people experience results within the first twelve weeks of using the solution, however some people experience results even earlier. Hair regrowth is a gradual process and the time which it takes to recover will therefore vary from person to person depending on the degree and severity of each persons hair loss.

How long must I use NHC Natural Hair Loss Solution?
The normal growth cycle of human hair is three months, therefore it is recommended that the solution be sprayed twice per day for a minimum of three months.

Even though results can be seen earlier, it is important to continue using the solution twice per day until the end of the three month treatment course.

Depending on the degree and severity of your hair loss you may need more than one treatment course to experience best results. Each treatment course is three months.

Do I need to keep using NHC Natural Hair Loss Solution ongoing?
Once your hair follicle start growing normally again – usually after one to two courses of treatment – it is not necessary to continue using the solution, however it can be used safely on an ongoing basis after maximising regrowth but only once per day, this will act as a maintenance dose

Additional information


3 x 60ml


3 Months


1 x Daily (Not to be used if pregnant or breast-feeding)


Angelica Extract, Polygonum Multiflorum Extract, Ginseng Extract, Vitamin B6


The solution comes in a very easy to use spray form and will not cause any interference in your daily life.

Simply separate the hair and spray the solution 4-5 times evenly across the surface of the scalp each morning and night.

The solution will absorb quickly and will not leave the hair oily, allowing you to style your hair as you normally would.