Micro-needling Roller


Encourages scalp repair and natural growth, and increases the absorption of topical treatment

  • Assists in the delivery of topical treatments (200x more effective product delivery)
  • Dramatically increases the absorption of topical treatments
  • Safe for men and women
  • Maximises hair regrowth in all areas including the front hair line
  • Surgical Grade Acupuncture Micro-needles 0.5mm
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The NHC Micro-needling Roller stimulates your scalps natural healing mechanisms acting on an Acupuncture level, also dramatically increases absorption of topical solutions whilst healing and stimulating new hair growth – maximising hair regrowth in all areas particularly the front hair line creating the perfect environment for maximum hair recovery. To be used daily with or without topical treatments.

How to use the Micro-needling Roller

Demo – Male

Demo – Female

Recommended by Hair Health Australia

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Daily (preferably at night)


1. Spray the barrel of the Micro-needling Roller with the Micro-needling Sanitising Spray before use

2. Moving in one direction, use a single gentle rolling motion over each area; rolling from the crown towards the front and sides (rolling in one direction avoids tangling the roller in longer hair). Over time as your scalp builds tolerance to the micro-needling treatment, increase the number of rolls and rolling pressure over each area

3. After rolling, apply topical solutions as per the product instructions and gently massage into the scalp

4. Ensure the roller is cleaned thoroughly after each use. To clean, run the barrel of the micro-needling roller under hot water and disinfect with NHC Mirco-needling Sanitising Spray before returning to case